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System 10088

  • The system 10088 with large convex rocker switch is designed for distinctive appearance in environments such as hotels, offices or homes.
  • The large convex rocker switch feature provides a subtle feel when switching. The product is available in a full range of colours and finishes, which ensures the compatibility of the switches with the interior design. The changeable clip on cover enables you to mix and match to create your own product character.
  • System 10088 has obtained the British Standard (BS) certificate from NEMKO UK, an international third party laboratory.
  • Slim front plate with clean style, large flat rocker switch is designed for contemporary residential and commercial environments. The BS socket is available in switched and unswitched, single or double pole version. Available with or without indicator. The data outlet range will allow an easy and quick connection to the networks, such as web, phone, TV.

Advantages :

  • Easy to install
  • Popular color options
  • Complete range
  • Changable clip on cover

Technical data:

  • IEC/ BS EN 60669-1
  • BS 1363
  • IEC 60884-1
  • BS 4177
  • BS 5733

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