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The full range of legrand protection equipment delivers an efficient and powerful solution against electrical faults anywhere in the installation.

Essential Protection For People & Property The RX³   and DX-E ranges provide essential functions for the  protection requirements of people and property in residential  and small commercial buildings.
Top Quality Electrical Performance With   DX³   Legrand offers a new range of MCBs, RCBOs, RCDs and  add-on modules for all applications that require high performance  levels, in terms of breaking capacity, selectivity and nominal ...
Adapted Solution For Each Type of Installation With DRX and DPX MCCBs you can ensure effective protection  against electrical faults at different levels of the installation,   according to your requirements and the complexity of the protect. ...
Protect & Control Installation Up To 6300A Besides their easy mounting and connection, strength and good  continuity of operation, 5 types of electronic protection units allow  precise adjustment of different limits and display of electrical ...
Din Rail Equipment Discover the different products available by Legrand that could be mounted on the din rail from voltage surge protectors, fuse carrier to power contractor, programmable time switches, bell transformers and light sensitive switches. ...
Reliable & Safe Distribution Systems Standard or optimised distribution, two complete and coherent  systems for distributing electricity in the panel, allowing all  installation configurations.
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