Products - SCHNEIDER Electrical Protection and Control

Acti 9 Miniature Circuit Breakers - MCBs

Modular Enclosures

Panel and Protection for Residential

Acti 9 Residual Current Devices - RCDs

Acti 9 Surge Protection Devices - SPDs

Acti 9 Supervision and Switchboard Control

Acti 9 Installation, Connection, Power Distribution

Acti 9 Monitoring and Control of Protection

Acti 9 Switch Disconnectors

Acti 9 Electrical Circuit Control

Acti 9 Lighting, Time and Energy Management

Acti 9 Indication

Acti 9 Distribution Boards

Sockets and Enclosures for Power Outlet

Acti 9 Devices for DC Circuits (Direct Currrent)

Surge Protection Devices

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